Friday roundup: A’s stadium goes lopsided, another Cali soccer stadium stalls, plus how to skip rent payments and use them to fix up your own home

I’m very busy this morning, busy enough that one entire news item will have to wait till Monday when I can give it its due, but that means an extra post on Monday, so what are you complaining about, really? Anyway, there’s still plenty of stadium and arena news from this week, let’s have at it:

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12 comments on “Friday roundup: A’s stadium goes lopsided, another Cali soccer stadium stalls, plus how to skip rent payments and use them to fix up your own home

  1. I’m going to skip rent next month, blame it on a “software error,” and buy a new dishwasher for the kitchen with the money instead. My landlord should be okay with that, right?

    1. Should be good. Just submit a economic impact statement showing how many jobs you create in place of your next rent check.

  2. Ah Neil, the long-standing debate of whether Fresno is considered Northern or Southern California. Wikipedia lists it as Northern, but that source should never be the deciding factor.

    1. It’s closer to SF than to LA, and closer to Merced than to Bakersfield. I think northern California is stuck with it.

      1. I saw a facebook page awhile ago that used zip codes to determine the approximate boundaries of baseball team fandoms. A line running roughly from the coast at San Luis Obispo east to a point between Fresno and Bakersfield defined the boundary between majority Dodger fans and Giants fans. The A’s and the Angels only dominated the fan bases in their immediate areas.

        So the answer to the original question is neither southern or northern california, Fresno is in the Central Valley.

  3. Even with the asymmetry of the Howard Terminal redesign, people in the upper deck down the 3rd base line would still be looking out at the channel and a few mile stretch of Alameda before the Bay even starts.

  4. Can’t wait for the opening of the “old timey” post-bleacher seating that will be set up on top the Howard Terminal cranes reminiscent of the seating on top of the brownstones across the street in left + right field at Wrigley Field.

  5. I like the asymmetrical design. I mean, in concept at least. I don’t know everything about it, but the thought of a 3/4 concrete donut with the ballfield itself at a 30^ angle just seems interesting in my mind. Why not go even further and put the home plate seats along the third base line so the best seats in the house actually point to the lovely view of the bay?

    1. Because batters should never be staring into low sun angles.

      Most ballparks that don’t follow the MLB guideline of “line from home plate through center field should point somewhat northerly of due east” are domed or have retractable roofs.

  6. Newsday report the islanders’ arena will be ready in November. Assuming the season starts on time this means they’re on the road for a while or they play at Nassau a little while longer.

  7. Rule 6 of Vaportecture? Don’t worry if you know nothing about physics or geometry (or the western power grid). Apocalyptic vision of the Bay Area, Northern California minus Fresno, where the entire power grid has gone down. Well, except for that area surrounding the new A’s stadium.

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