More unsourced rumors of imminent A’s-to-San Jose move

And speaking of slow news weeks and rumors, USA Today’s Bob Nightengale chimed in over the weekend with this:

All signs and top #MLB sources say that the #Athletics will be granted permission by Feb to move to San Jose.

…and that’s it, no further indication of who the unnamed sources are, why we should believe them, whether the permission will include a territorial rights fee to the San Francisco Giants and if so whether it’s one A’s owner Lew Wolff can afford, etc. Still, it was enough for some people to write entire stories based around an imminent A’s move to the South Bay.

The only indication here that there’s some fire behind the smoke is that the mayor of San Jose says that Wolff is “optimistic,” while yet another unnamed source (this one “close to” Wolff) says he’s “very confident” that a move will be approved. Plus, of course, that whole Jerry Reinsdorf thing. It certainly seems like something is coming to a head, but whether it’s actually the A’s and Giants shaking hands on a territorial handoff, or just Wolff and his friends trying to create momentum for such a deal, there’s no way to tell from anonymous talking heads. Tune in again in February. Maybe.