Santa Clara group starts petition drive, is upstaged by blown power line

As promised, Santa Clara Plays Fair has launched a referendum campaign to block $850 million in city loans to fund a new San Francisco 49ers stadium. If they can collect 6,000 signatures within 30 days, a public vote could be held … okay, I’m not exactly sure, so I’m going to go with “in the future.”

The community group, though, couldn’t even get top billing in the lede of the San Francisco Chronicle article about its own petition drive, which instead began:

The power outages at Candlestick Park this week were a visible reminder of why the 49ers want to move to a new stadium in Santa Clara.

Yes, that’s right: The 49ers want a new stadium because the old one has crappy splices on the power lines outside, which led to two power outages during Monday night’s game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Me, I’d just ask for new power lines, but I guess that’s because I lack the vision to be an NFL owner.