Calgary Stampeders: Oh, yeah, we need stadium renovations too

You know what I was just thinking Canada really needs? Another stadium demand:

The president and chief operating officer of the Calgary Stampeders held a news conference on Monday afternoon to stress that McMahon Stadium is in need of a serious facelift and that it’s also time for interested stakeholders to step up.

“I’m sure the people are aware,” he said. “Especially our fans, our sponsors, and everyone else that it’s critical for the Stampeders and this franchise and, I believe, this city for us to address a 50-year-old facility.”

For now, Stampeders president Lyle Bauer is just calling for renovated “concessions, washrooms, and general concourse amenities” at 51-year-old McMahon Stadium, and hasn’t put a price tag on it, let alone specified who’d pay. Still, consider it a warning shot across the bow: If everybody else is getting new or rehabbed stadiums, the Stamps want their piece of the action.