Revived USFL pitches “mid-sized” stadiums as economic boost

Sending out a press release saying you’re going to start (or restart) a sports league is cheap, so hey, why not the USFL? Only this press release has a novel twist:

San Diego, Calif. (February 11, 2013) – The United States Football League (USFL) announced today that it has signed a confidential agreement with an established real estate development company to build multiple commercial developments throughout the United States, with the centerpiece of each development to be a mid-sized stadium to host a USFL team…

Each development will contain a USFL football stadium, a sports and entertainment complex, residential and retail space. The USFL and its development partner plan to build the new developments across the spectrum of small, mid-size and large markets, with the goal of bringing economic development to underserved areas and creating jobs and a sustainable economy for these selected cities.

There’s nothing in there about asking for subsidies for these projects, but the bit about “economic development to underserved areas and creating jobs and a sustainable economy” certainly sounds pitched for mayors of small towns with medium-town dreams. (The press release also claims that the development company would benefit “by securing an anchor tenant for developments,” but if there are really development companies out there that think a USFL team would be a solid anchor tenant, I have some pointing and laughing I want to do.) More info as it’s available, I guess, but this is one to keep half an eye on, anyway.