Field of Schemes live talk, Tues 11/15, UConn campus bookstore in Storrs, CT

Today’s decision day for the Texas Rangers owners’ stadium subsidy proposal, and the San Diego Chargers owners’ stadium subsidy proposal, and probably some other stuff people are voting on nationwide, I haven’t really been paying attention. I’ll be up late to report in as returns are available.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to talk to me directly about these and other matters of sports venues and who pays for them, and will for some reason be in the vicinity of Storrs, Connecticut next Tuesday, I’ll be giving a talk at the University of Connecticut campus bookstore at 4 pm, and generally hanging around campus all day to drop some stadium science upon the undergraduate masses. (Do college students still say “drop some science”? Probably should check on that before next week.) It’s free, and I’ll be signing copies of Field of Schemes if you don’t have one or need to do any early holiday shopping, so come on down!

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