Buy Field of Schemes (the book) for 30% off, make me, my publisher, and America happy

There’s other news today, but none of it urgent, so I’ll leave you with an offer from my publisher, University of Nebraska Press: Go buy the latest updated and expanded edition of Field of Schemes from their website, enter the discount code 6SP6, and get 30% off the list price! Also, you can do the same for their whole sports catalog while you’re at it.

I get nothing special from U of N Press for promoting this, but you get the option of buying direct from the publisher for about the same price as you’d get from one of those giant corporate book-and-other-crap-selling conglomerates with the dubious workplace policies. (Not that I never buy things from them — they’re great for watching old Star Trek episodes in hi-def, for example.) So if you don’t have a copy yet, consider buying one, and perhaps an extra for the city councilmember in your life. I can’t offer to sign it for you before shipping since I’m not in Nebraska, but if you’re ever in Brooklyn, drop me a line and I’ll fire up my Sharpie.

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Field of Schemes, now with less paper!

For all I know this has been out for months now — my publisher, he never writes, he never calls — but I just noticed that Field of Schemes (the book) is now available for Kindle and whatever the heck eBook format B&N uses.

I myself only read books in formats that don’t require batteries, so I can’t vouch for the reading experience of these digital versions. But if you’ve been waiting to pick up Field of Schemes until you can read it on your two-way wrist radio, well, wait no longer!

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