NFL player who benefits from stadium subsidies says quit it with the stadium subsidies

If you had to guess which pro athlete would make ending public subsidies for sports stadiums a key part of his mock presidential platform, it’d pretty much have to be Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman, right?

“I’d get us out of this deficit,” he said. “I’d stop spending billions of taxpayer dollars on stadiums and probably get us out of debt and maybe make the billionaires who actually benefit from the stadiums pay for them. That kind of seems like a system that would work for me.”

Of course, Sherman is actually one of the people who benefits from stadium subsidies, since they help boost league revenues, which are tied to the league salary cap, which gives teams more money to bid on players with. That’s sure to be one of the first questions asked when Sherman debates … Curt Schilling? I’m going with Curt Schilling.

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