MLB commissioner hints at Montreal, Mexico City expansion teams, someday

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred was asked about baseball expansion on Thursday (on a White Sox broadcast, for some reason), and said “growth businesses tend to expand” but that “I would love to see us expand” and “my personal, sort of, frontrunner would be Montreal or Mexico City.” Which, naturally, got people in Montreal and Mexico City all excited.

Manfred did say he wanted to settle on a new labor agreement and resolve the Oakland A’s and Tampa Bay Rays stadium situations first (for those not following along: the situation is that the A’s and Rays owners want new stadiums, and nobody’s offering to pay for them/provide land for them yet), which all makes sense. Still, you’d normally think that a league commissioner would be more hesitant to identify frontrunners without demanding that stadium deals be in place first. Possible explanations are: Things are so preliminary around expansion that Montreal and Mexico City need carrots more than sticks at the moment; MLB is more excited about potential expansion fees (and/or wooing TV partners with the possibility of expanding into new markets) than about shaking down cities for maximum stadium money; or Manfred just isn’t very good at this whole extortion racket.