Friday roundup: Ex-D.C. mayor says his $534m Nats stadium expense was worth it, Clippers arena stymied by car trouble, MLS franchise fees to go even higher

Shouldn’t posting items more regularly during the week leave less news to round up on Fridays? I’m pretty sure that’s how it’s supposed to work, but here I am on Friday with even more browser tabs open than usual, and I’m sure someone is still going to complain that I left out, say, the latest on arena site discussions in Saskatoon. I guess lemme type really fast and see how many I can get through before my fingers fall off:


Mark Cuban wants to build NBA arena 20 stories in air, proves he’s still Mark Cuban

Oh hey, did I forget to post a link to the story where Dallas Mavericks owner/all-around crazy guy Mark Cuban said he wants to build an arena suspended 20 stories in the air? Here’s a link to that. And here’s what Cuban said about his crazy idea:

“My dream — and this is like the long, long, long, long shot — is to build an arena 20 stories up in the air, where every seat has a view of downtown, whether it’s north, south, east or west,” Cuban said.

Asked how he came up with this vision, Cuban laughed and said, “That’s what I do.”..

“Imagine being 20 stories up, taking a page from ballparks like Pittsburgh and other places that have amazing views,” Cuban said. “That’s ‘a vision.’ It’s not necessarily a slam dunk. But that’s part of the thinking process.”

Also part of the thinking process is usually thinking, and what Cuban’s idea makes me think of is the way that concert and event promoters hate arenas where the floor isn’t at ground level (Madison Square Garden being the classic example), because then you have to move amplifiers and stage props and circus elephants by elevator. Also, that the view one generally wants in a basketball arena is of basketball, not what’s outside the arena. Also that what gives Pittsburgh’s baseball stadium such great views isn’t its height (it’s one of the shortest MLB stadiums) but the fact that it’s across the river from downtown Pittsburgh. Maybe Cuban should move the Mavericks to a more scenic city like Pittsburgh? Or better, move downtown Pittsburgh to Dallas?

Cuban added that he’d need to start building a new arena in about the year 2023, because his lease at American Airlines Arena expires in 2030, and obviously no one has ever heard of such a thing as renewing a lease.