Utah Jazz to make “major” arena announcement this afternoon


The Utah Jazz on Monday will make a “major facility announcement,” and are expected to unveil plans to update EnergySolutions Arena…

The downtown arena seats 19,911 but has been has surpassed by newer, flashier arenas with more premium amenities since its construction in 1991. In recent years, the Jazz have made minor improvements, such as adding restaurants and clubs. However, by NBA standards the arena boasts relatively few suites (50) and even less luxury seating near the court.

There’s definitely going to be a new scoreboard involved, but as for whether a more extensive renovation is in the works, and whether public money will be requested, we’ll have to wait another few hours.

UPDATE: Turns out it was $15 million worth of new video screens and new kitchens in the luxury suites. That’s a major arena announcement? Utah Jazz p.r. department, I will never believe your hyperbole again.