Kings owners met with Anaheim Ducks owner about move

Those Anaheim Kings rumors got a smidge more believable yesterday, as Sacramento radio station KFBK reports that Kings owners Joe and Gavin Maloof met “recently” with Anaheim Ducks owner Henry Samueli to discuss a move south:

The plan as told to me includes moving the Kings to the Honda Center in Anaheim. Samueli will give the Maloof’s 100-million dollars to pay off some debt as well as help pay off territorial rights to the Clippers and Lakers. Should the Maloofs default on that loan, then Samueli would assume some control of the team. What is not clear is how much control Samueli would get.

Also not clear: What the lease would look like at Anaheim’s Honda Center, and whether there’d be enough revenue to go around to make both the Maloofs and Samueli happy. (According to KFBK, the two sides met previously in early 2010, but the Maloofs didn’t like Samueli’s proposal.) Also, who told KFBK’s Rob McAllister (he just says “a source”) that this was the plan — this could be Samueli leaking it to try to build momentum for an Anaheim move, the Maloofs leaking it to try to scare up support for a new Sacramento arena, or something else entirely. Just because two sides met to discuss a move doesn’t necessarily mean they found anything to agree on.

In other news, as the Ball Don’t Lie blog headlines it, “Kings to name arena after sham energy bracelets.” Now that’s the kind of publicity for your product you just can’t buy. Oh wait, you can.