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December 27, 2004

Is anybody going to San Antone?

There hasn't been much lately on that San Jose Earthquakes-to-San Antonio rumor, but soccer does seem to be on the minds of city officials in the Texas city. The San Antonio Business Journal reports that Mayor Ed Garza has been passing around renderings of a 20,000-seat soccer stadium that would be used to lure an MLS franchise - though the team mentioned in this story is the Kansas City Wizards, part of Lamar Hunt's multi-team MLS empire. Soccer-only stadium cost estimates have typically run anywhere from $20 million to $110 million; San Antonio officials gave no indication how the stadium, if it were built, would be paid for.


Thanks for the MLS news. I hope that Kansas City is able to stay in the area with a new SSS, maybe in Johnson County. I had read that there was a plan for a 20, 000 SSS in a KC suburb a few years ago, but Lamar didn't want the 'Zards to leave Arrowhead at that time. So we'll see what happens there. Maybe Sprint/Nextel could get involved since they are making KC their super-headquarters...

Posted by Bertell Ollman on December 27, 2004 12:14 PM

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