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May 09, 2006

Rumors and the report of rumors

The Kansas City Star is at its peculiar brand of journalism again, with a profile of developer Sam Fingold, who says he's interested in buying the Pittsburgh Penguins and moving them to Kansas City. "About six months ago, we were on vacation somewhere," Fingold told the Star. "I was sitting with my wife, and I told her, 'Everything is kind of quiet right now. Our [real estate] deals are done. Now's the time. I'm going to bid on an NHL team.'" Yeah, but who hasn't said that?

Fingold, who has an abiding affection for Kansas City, having grown up in, uh, Toronto, calls K.C.'s under-construction Sprint Center a "fantastic new arena." Which he knows because: "I've seen pictures of it. I plan to make a trip to Kansas City at some point in the very near future and get a view for myself."

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