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November 04, 2007

Bloomberg: I'll nix Knicks tax breaks

On Thursday, New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg declared that he wouldn't allow Cablevision, owners of the Knicks, Rangers, and Liberty, to keep its $10.9 million a year property tax exemption if it moved to a new building across the street. (It's actually up to at least $11.6 million, according to the latest figures from the city Independent Budget Office.) "Not if I'm mayor they won't," said Bloomberg. "Madison Square Garden isn't going to move" - the New York Post inserted "[out of Manhattan]," though the Daily News did not, so your guess is as good as mine if he knows something if he knows something about the on-again, off-again MSG V project - "and there's no reason to justify that." He added: "I've always been opposed to bribing companies to come and to stay."

Two questions: 1. If Mayor Mike is really opposed to the MSG tax break, why doesn't he just eliminate it right now, especially given that it was originally supposed to expire in 1992? 2. Did he really say that last bit with a straight face?


This is 100% sour grapes because of Cablevision's successful opposition to Mayor Bloomberg's West Side Stadium boondoggle.

Posted by joejoejoe on November 10, 2007 02:35 AM

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