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February 17, 2009

This week in baseball deals

I'm going to try to post links here more often to articles I write elsewhere, since the "recent articles" listing went away in the Great Redesign. Today, it's an essay for Baseball Prospectus on recent developments in the Florida Marlins, Oakland A's, and New York Mets stadium situations. It's for subscribers only, but if you don't have a BP account, you can also check out the spirited discussion of the Marlins stadium deal I kicked off on BP's Unfiltered blog.

Also on the Marlins front, South Florida Sun-Sentinel sports business writer Sarah Talalay says the city and county commissions will hold their stadium votes next month on different days, to avoid the craziness that took place on Friday, while her colleague Dave Hyde thinks it's fair to demand that taxpayers get paid back before the team's owners take a profit on the deal.

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