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March 18, 2009

Miami vote looms, confusion still reigns

The Miami city commission meets at 9 am tomorrow morning to vote on the Florida Marlins stadium package, and still no one is sure how the five-member board will vote.

Commissioner Michelle Spence-Jones, who was thought to be leaning "yes" after getting a promise of $100 million or more in redevelopment money for her district, confused matters again on Tuesday night by issuing more demands, including a trust fund to build amateur baseball fields and "encouraging the team to employ local residents for the stadium's construction and operation," according to the Associated Press:

"I'm feeling confident that we're going to be able to work through them," Spence-Jones said Wednesday. "I just can't tell you whether I'm going to vote yes or no until all the decisions have been made."

Further muddying the waters: The Marlins' pledge to hire black-owned businesses to help build the stadium turns out to have been illegal. The team will instead just encourage black-owned firms to apply for contracts; it's unclear how this might affect the city vote tomorrow, or a county vote that would follow Monday afternoon if the city approves the deal.

Either way, I'll post webcast information here, and be liveblogging as much as possible. If it's half as fun as the last one, I'm going to have to type fast...


Webcast is here:

But it hasn't started yet as of 9:20 am. I'll be starting a new item once it's going.

Posted by Neil on March 19, 2009 09:22 AM

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