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March 22, 2009

Marlins stadium deal: All over but the haggling?

Miami-Dade County Commission members are now indicating that the Florida Marlins stadium deal is likely to pass tomorrow, albeit after one last-ditch attempt to extract a few more concessions from the team. "I think they have the votes now, but you can still make the deal better by changing some aspects of it," commissioner Carlos Gimenez, a stadium opponent, told the Miami Herald. Specific items Gimenez mentioned: Getting the Marlins to provide more of their share of funding up-front, and getting an even larger cut of team sale proceed for the county than what was agreed to on Thursday.

Besides, you know the Marlins stadium is unstoppable when it has its own Facebook 25 Random Things About Me page. My personal favorite: "12. More than 80,000 tickets a year will be locked in at affordable prices, starting at just $15." Why, that's almost 1,000 tickets a game, in a stadium that seats 37,000! I'm friending that!

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