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May 02, 2009

Dolphins to play in "Land Shark Stadium"?

In what's already being called the worst corporate stadium name in history, the Miami Dolphins are expected to announce next Friday that Dolphin Stadium — formerly Joe Robbie Stadium, later Pro Player Stadium — will be renamed Land Shark Stadium, after a beer brand co-owned by Jimmy Buffett.

While the new name will no doubt provide lots of fodder for jokes — don't sharks and dolphins attack each other? shouldn't this stadium really be in Chevy Chase, Maryland? — the interesting bit here will be how far it means the market for used stadium names has fallen when a niche beer brand can afford to buy the name of an NFL stadium. Nobody's saying just yet how much Land Shark would be paying for the naming rights, which could be only a one-year deal; Buffett could end up setting up a Margaritaville theme park at the stadium or buying part of the Dolphins as well, which would further complicate the financing.


How long before people call it "Loan Shark Stadium"?

Posted by ctate on May 2, 2009 11:27 AM

Years ago on a talk show Buffett said he was a Saints fan.

Posted by Mark on May 2, 2009 01:39 PM

How long before they start calling it "Bart Simpson Murders Jimmy Buffett songs Stadium?"

Reference: In the Simpsons episode "Bart to the Future" an adult Bart (seen as a total failure)tries to sing a Jimmy Buffett song before being booed off the stage. FYI, this is the episode where Lisa Simpson becomes President.

Posted by Jessy S. on May 3, 2009 06:34 PM

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