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September 16, 2009

Sports bubble watch: Yanks trim some pricey seat fees

The long-awaited decision by the New York Yankees on how to respond to their empty seat crisis is in, and the verdict is: The team is cutting ticket prices on about 6,400 of their priciest seats, while raising prices on 1,700 second-deck seats:

3,400 Field Level seats currently priced at $325 as part of full-season licenses will drop to $250 or $235 each next season, depending on their specific location. Additionally, all 1,208 Suite seats in the Delta Sky 360° Suite will see a decrease in price, as will 1,846 of 1,894 Suite seats (97 percent) in the Legends Suite. The balance of the Legends Suite seats will have no price change....
In the Main Level, 10,111 seat locations will see no increase. The remaining 1,704 seats in Sections 216-217 and 223-224 currently priced at $100 will be $125 next season. These mark the only increases for 2010.

The lesson the Yankees seem to have learned here: Fans aren't willing to pay an arm and a leg for great seats, but will give up a few fingers for good ones. Which makes sense, given that the most expensive seats are the ones that were going unsold, but is almost certainly bad news for fans hoping for more cheap seats, not more $100-$300 ones.

In related news, random Yankee fans with no last names think these prices are still too damned expensive.

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