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November 05, 2010

AEG promises L.A. stadium by 2015 Super Bowl

The battle for supremacy in Los Angeles-area NFL vaportecture continues, with AEG honcho Tim Leiweke insisting that his company's nonexistent stadium would be ready in time to host the 2015 Super Bowl. Unlike Ed Roski's City of Industry stadium plan, which despite being first out of the gate now has a targeted completion date of um, we'll get back to you on that.

Leiweke admits that nothing's going to happen on the stadium front until after next season's all-but-certain NFL lockout — as he put it, "there's no team and no league that's going to vote and approve a transfer for at least a year, and probably longer." So figure starting serious work on luring a team and getting construction approval in early 2012 at best, and that gives AEG three years tops to get the thing approved, financed, and built to be ready for February 2015. Sounds crazy short to me, but presumably Leiweke is counting on that fact that nobody ever remembers promised opening dates.


Admittedly OT except to the question of infrastructure in California, but what's to be made of the situation in Sacramento and the NBA? Truth to the rumor that the Maloofs are facing serious financial strain in Vegas (up against some kind of balloon payment on a property they can't make)? You know the shit's gone sour when *Kentucky* is offering to pick apart the corpse:

It recalls Sherman Alexie's lament that a "boring red-stater named Clay" took the Sonics from him. Granted, the ABA worked in Louisville...

Posted by Anderson on November 6, 2010 12:21 PM


Posted by Dan on November 6, 2010 12:43 PM

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