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March 16, 2012

Miami enrages residents by reserving street parking for Marlins fans

Looks like Miami has found one way to resolve its Marlins parking conundrum, and it has residents near the new stadium hopping mad:

The plan sets aside a few blocks near the ballpark where area residents can park. But it bans residential parking on many more stretches — to accommodate baseball fans coming to watch a game.
People who live on those banned blocks will have to find somewhere else to park on the 81 times a year — mostly night games — when the Marlins play at home.

This issue came up at a town meeting last night, at which angry local residents, well, got angry about the new parking restrictions. According to the Miami Herald, most directed their ire at Miami Parking Authority planning director Rolando Tapanes, though there was ire a-plenty for the Marlins, too: "It just seems like the Marlins are laughing at us," said resident Xochitl Perez after the meeting. "It's not you guys. It's not the city. It's the Marlins — the ones who have been benefiting from all our tax dollars."

This is actually an interesting twist to the Marlins stadium subsidy story, as here's a public asset the city is giving up — street parking for its residents — that is hard to put a dollar value on, yet which undeniably is worth something. So put the total public cost of the new stadium at $478 million plus the heartbreak of cruising.


Complete opposite of what the Cubs did when they instituted night games, gave residents primary access to residential parking.

Posted by RJT55 on March 16, 2012 01:26 PM

From what I read, all that's happening is that residents living in certain areas around the ballpark will have to park somewhere else in a designated zone during game days. Those spots are not being reserved for Marlins fans to park on, which is the impression I got when I read this article. Looking at a picture of the area under construction on Google Maps, this didn't really come as a surprise. However, it seems this arena was very poorly thought out.

Posted by Roger C. on March 16, 2012 06:08 PM

@ RJT55

That seems to be the approach most cities take when it comes to parking near stadiums. Here in Edmonton there's a ton of parking bans throughout the current arena's neighboring areas as is the same with our minor league baseball team (currently suspended operations for the season due to no league to play in) and the CFL team here.

It only makes sense.

I couldn't imagine a situation where the residents wouldn't have this right - but Miami has found way!

Posted by Andrew T on March 17, 2012 01:06 PM

nobody should be surprised by this development - "It just seems like the Marlins are laughing at us,"...It's the Marlins � the ones who have been benefiting from all our tax dollars."

they've been laughing all the way to the bank since the first shovel was used, why should you be able to use a public parking space if you're not funneling your $$$'s into their pockets?

Posted by paul W on March 27, 2012 09:48 PM

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