Some useful reports for stadium and arena researchers…

Judith Grant Long’s data on full public cost of stadiums and arenas

Where most “stadium cost” charts just rely on self-reporting by teams, Harvard researcher Long has actually attempted to calculate the public and private costs of every major-league stadium and arena in North America, including hidden subsidies like free land, lease breaks, and tax exemptions. Long is currently working on a book on this subject (UPDATE: it’s out!); until then, these archives of her research are the best source for complete cost information.

Lease summaries for MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL teams

Compiled by the National Sports Law Institute at Marquette Law School. Only broad overviews are provided, but still the best place to start if you want to see how much a team pays in annual rent, say, or who’s responsible for covering venue operating costs.

Studies of the economic impact of sports teams

There have been innumerable studies attempting to measure what effect sports teams and venues have on local economies, but some of the key ones include:

Cost estimates of Yankees and Mets stadium deals

Detailed estimates of the public/private costs shares of the New York Yankees and Mets stadiums opening in April 2009, calculated by Neil deMause based on public sources.

Rod Fort’s sports business data

An excellent source of stats on everything from ticket prices to player salaries.

Histories and links to articles on every stadium and arena, past, present, and future.