Zimbalist vs. Zimbalist

Most of this public spending will be of direct benefit to the community, and a significant share will come back to the state and city. … As an investment, the Yankees‘ stadium plan is a winner for the Bronx and all of New York.

-Andrew Zimbalist, New York Times op-ed, 1/22/06

Practically every stadium that’s come on stream in the last 20 years in the United States has been accompanied by a consulting report – these are hired-out consulting companies – that are working for the promoters of the stadium. They engage in a very, very dubious methodology. They make unrealistic assumptions and they can produce whatever result they want to produce.

-Andrew Zimbalist, NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, 12/22/04

Together with the development of surrounding commercial space and the prospect for a new Metro-North platform, the project will be a major facelift for the area and help gentrify the South Bronx.

-Andrew Zimbalist, New York Times op-ed, 1/22/06

The notion that you’re rejuvenating the waterfront because you put a baseball stadium there frankly is silly. … It’s used for four hours a day when it’s used. And those four hours have tens of thousands of people inside the stadium. They’re not outside milling around on the streets buying shirts and hot dogs. They’re inside spending money on concessions that are managed by the owner of the baseball team.

-Andrew Zimbalist, NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, 12/22/04

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  1. Well, I guess he thinks he did his time as a good guy and now it’s time to clean up some. Doesn’t everone deserve a vacation home or two???

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