Friday roundup: Georgia man holds no truck with numbers, new stadiums falling apart already, plus a guy who spent three years living in a Phillies concession stand

Happy Friday! Still recovering from the double whammy of my second shot on Sunday plus learning that birds aren’t real, so I’ll keep the intro short this week and get right to the news:

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6 comments on “Friday roundup: Georgia man holds no truck with numbers, new stadiums falling apart already, plus a guy who spent three years living in a Phillies concession stand

  1. Agree with Normandin. It’s not “wrong” to attend a baseball game even if the team is owned by someone like Loria or Frank McCourt. (just two examples, there are many others).

    The only option we have as consumers is to vote with our feet. Will it change anything? Likely not, unless vast numbers of people do it and continue to boycott for years (you’ll recall the last year or so of McCourt’s ownership of the Dodgers).

    No-one who loves their Red Sox, Yankees, Dodgers or Tigers should feel bad about going, however.

    But I do think we all have to understand that when we accept PSLs or dynamic pricing or the owner selling off the best players and simultaneously raising prices, or just obtaining a scandalous stadium deal that our own governments are too incompetent to say no to, we might well be telling them that “it’s ok. You can do whatever you want to us and we still won’t leave”.

    I personally would rather redirect the discretionary spending ability I have to organizations that do not do those sorts of things, but as with all supposedly “ethical” shopping, it’s often a question of degree… every company does something wrong.

    It’s really about where we each draw the line as to what is acceptable and what isn’t.

  2. The way I look at it, with options being limited, and still enjoying sports to a point, I try and keep my financial support to a minimum.

    I consume as much sports as I can “for free” when they are broadcast. And, I have been known to watch a game in a timeshift way, so I can skip commercials.

    I don’t typically go to sporting events but when I have in the past, I purchased the tickets at a discount on the secondary market. And if I could park in someone’s yard as a opposed to a space that benefits the team owner, or take public transportation, I did that.

    And I don’t purchase any team apparel or other souvenirs, and spend as little as possible on concessions.

    It’s a small thing, but reconciles how I feel about owners and still wanting to enjoy sports.

  3. I am sure former county commissioner Bob Ott was upset at the inconvenient truth of a researched approach to data to proving the folly of the sales tax receipt impact.

    Darn facts.

  4. Birds aren’t real? What does this say for my cat? She’s been my only companion this past year as I complied with CA’s stay at home order. We’ve developed a deep connection and bond during the Covid pandemic.

    She enjoys sitting in my 2nd story windows watching for birds. Further, I play her favorite bird videos on my PC screen that she’ll watch intensely. Her enrapture, fascination with birds is almost “instinctual.”

    Does this mean she joined QAnon when I wasn’t looking? Is she a member of the deep state, or worse yet, the cabal that worships the devil, traffics children, sucks out their life essence and is in league with George Soros, Hollywood celebrities and Democrats? Is she a double-agent working for the Chinese government? Do I now need to get a dog? So many questions.

    1. You’ve had a cat for how long and it’s only now crossing your mind that she might be a double agent?

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